Move On
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It's hard to see clearly when you are in the middle of the storm. One day we will be dead, so don't let grudges scorn. It will have to pass, you must move on, for life is change and change must come.

Sometimes we feel broken, with a love that isn't coping. Manifesting negativity, silently and never spoken. So we need to say it? It's okay to care, "I'll always be there" she said softly but from bottom of the ocean.

Too far to reach, to close to teach, our egos are shallow and our souls are too deep. Help each other to grow, destroying each other is unnecessary. It's the universe, but so are you.

You can let each other go, so your aren't disgusted with yourself, or that someone else who you used to know. Do it fast or work it out.

A drawn out process may be one that's clearer cut, but it might leave you hopeless, feeling your best is not enough.You win I lose. You lose I win, we both lost out nobody gained, unless a future is a sin.

Try living a day in my shoes, I tried to keep putting yours on, but a day wasn't not enough, we are both left feeling useless or used. Spiritual warfare of the hearts and minds, ego is not self, self is being... is being selfish?

Yes, we're not properly connected,
minds work but feeling protected,
hearts lead then minds are neglected,
souls scream but can't be invested,
In your dream we are both disrespected.
In my dream we are together and bless yet neither of us will stand corrected.
Remove I and there is only we,
remove we and there is only you,
What are you waiting for, do what you have to do.

Finish what I started, start what we begun, 
Sorry no more I just we, but we aren't being one.
Nothing was wasted if we helped each other to grow,
what is next, what to expect?
Its start with moving on and letting go.

Thanks for reading :)

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